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"Discover A Simple, Step By Step Method Of Child Safety Education That Will Protect Your Child... Even When You Can't Be There. Instantly Bring Security And Peace Of Mind To Your Family With A Proven, State-Of-The-Art Missing Child Recovery System"


You look out into the backyard where your daughter was playing just a moment ago. You don't see her anywhere. You call out for her, but she doesn't answer.


Your son left an hour ago to walk three blocks to his best friend's house for dinner. His friend's mother calls you. Your son never arrived.

Here Are The FACTS:

Every 40 seconds, another child becomes lost or missing in America
The increase in missing children since 1982 is 468%
The F.B.I. recieves over 2,000 missing reports...every day
One in every 42 children will become abducted, missing, lost or runaway
Most abducted children are recovered or killed in the first 3.2 hours

Photo Registration Service

Here is What Members Of America's
Law Enforcement Has To Say:

"Not until Child Shield International™ has there been a program of prevention, education, and recovery of this quality and capability…a true safety net for parents and a very real investment in their peace of mind. In fact, I believe so strongly in the value of this program and its potential to increase the safety of our children, that I personally recommend it to every parent in America."

Frank K., Highly decorated thirty-year police veteran, and honored with his State’s 1989 "Crime Prevention Officer of the Year."

" I am writing to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with the unique service offered by Child Shield International™. In today’s world, this service is a necessity for any parent. I am convinced that your Videotape Registration Service is an invaluable tool in aiding in the recovery of a missing child. I have never seen anything that compares to it. The odds of locating a missing child increases tremendously when the child is registered with Child Shield USA"

Richard B., Police Officer, TX

" The issue of missing children has unfortunately increased in recent years at an alarming rate. I certainly commend you and your efforts in providing a valuable tool to assist in the tedious and sometimes frustrating process of recovering missing children. I applaud you in advance for each child your firm helps recover."

Terrance G., State Police Director

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Program Overview - The Child Shield, U.S.A. Services

The Child Shield, U.S.A. ™ program offers parents Prevention and Security through education first and an effective, organized recovery system second.

In these times of elevated violent crime and increased uncertainty, peace of mind has become one of our most precious assets. No one wants to believe that their child will ever be abducted, become lost, or run away from home. But the fact is more children are missing today than ever before. That is why Child Shield, U.S.A.™ has created a new and greater level of security for parents and their children.

When a child turns up missing, the ability to positively identify that child becomes critical. Our unique VIDEOTAPE REGISTRATION SERVICE provides the highest level of identification record available. Unlike a still photograph, a properly prepared Identification Videotape gives the authorities and concerned citizens so much more to go on when searching for a missing child. Familiarity with characteristics of voice, manner, motion, and others can greatly improve the likelihood that someone may remember having seen the child. Such a recollection could be the all-important clue that leads to a reunion of child and family.

Allow us to introduce you to the...

Child Shield, U.S.A.™
Videotape Registration Service

" The Ultimate in Protection for Your Child"

"In my years as a police officer, I have investigated many cases of missing and runaway children. The problem I came across most often was receiving outdated photographs of the missing child from the parents. One cannot identify a child's characteristics from a photograph. I feel the Child Shield International™ service is very valuable to parents in the prevention and recovery of missing children. I also believe that the service will aid law enforcement agencies in obtaining more accurate information to assist in their investigations."

Duane D., Police Officer, Juvenile Justice Division, Ret., CA

"We are proud to have Child Shield U.S.A.™ in our community. Based on our experience with Mr. and Mrs. Slockbower (founders), the Chamber has no hesitation in recommending them and Child Shield U.S.A.™ to you as honest, reputable, and dependable."

C.J. Tisi, Executive Director, Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce

Your Priority Child Shield, USA Package Includes:

"Guide to Safer Children" - The guide will help you learn ways to reduce your children's risks of becoming lost or missing.
"Play it safe" Coloring Book - This full-size coloring & activity book makes learning about safety fun for children of all ages.
"Safety Seven" Poster - Specially designed to help your children learn and remember the Seven Rules for Safety. Great for bedroom, den, or playroom.
"How to Videotape your Child" - Simple, step-by-step directions show you the proper way to shoot an effective identification videotape.
"What to do if your child is missing" - Time is critical when a child is missing. Learn what to do, and when to do it.
Secret Identification Code Labels - A vital part of our service, assuring your privacy and the privacy of your child. Only you will know the secret number which links the videotape to your child.
Pre-Addressed Videotape Mailer - Protects your videotape during shipping and helps to ensure its safe arrival at Child Shield, U.S.A.™
Missing Child Report Form - Of course, we hope you never need to use this. But if you should, it will help you to compile the information needed by both the Police and Child Shield, U.S.A.™ to help you to find your missing child.
Wallet/Purse Response Packet - Tucks away neatly inside wallet or purse and allows activation of the Child Shield, U.S.A.™ recovery service even when you're away from home.
Complete Instructions - Everything you need to know to get the most out of this package and the Child Shield, U.S.A.™ service.

This Comprehensive Child Protection Service Features:

$50,000 REWARD!

Awareness of your child's disappearance is increased by Child Shield, U.S.A.™'s $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible and recovery of your child. 
"How To Video Your Child"
Easy to follow instructions guide you through shooting an Identification Videotape at home using your own camcorder. Any format, including digital, is acceptable.
"High Security" Mailing Materials
Safe delivery of your completed videotape to Child Shield, U.S.A.™ headquarters by using our protective pre-addressed Videotape Mailer (included).
Extremely Safe And Secure Storage Facilities
Secure storage of all videotapes, featuring our unique Identification Code Number system. Only you know your child's secret code number. Child Shield, U.S.A.™ won't even know your child's name unless you notify us that your child is missing.
"State-of-the-Art" Mass Production Capabilities
Efficient videotape duplication facilities enable Child Shield, U.S.A.™ to product more than one hundred high-quality videotape copies per hour.
We Handle ALL Distribution Requirements - FAST!
High Speed rapid distribution of videotape copies begins right away! Child Shield, U.S.A.™ can circulate copies of a missing child's videotape across America within hours via next-flight-out air courier service.
Huge "Multiple-Agency" Database - Including
Nationally Syndicated Television!
Thorough coverage is assured by our extensive distribution network. Videotapes are sent to local and state law enforcement agencies, then to neighboring states, and finally to the F.B.I. and law enforcement agencies in all fifty states.  Videotapes are also provided to national and regional missing children's organizations and a variety of nationally syndicated TV Shows and network television news programs.

We Will Hire A Private Investigator
- At NO COST To You!

Resources of most law enforcement agencies are limited.  Child Shield, U.S.A.™ will hire a private investigator at our cost to help you find your child.
Costs Less Than One Night Out For Dinner!
Affordable service protects your child for two full years for less than you'd spend on eating dinner out one night.  Isn't your child worth it?

Question: How Much Do You Spend On Car Insurance? can't replace your child

Also Included at No Extra Cost ... The Child Shield, U.S.A.™
Photo Registration Service!

Photo Registration Service

Along with the Identification Videotape, you send us a recent photograph of your child. Child Shield, U.S.A.™ will store your child's photograph along with the videotape for two full years.

If your child should ever turn up missing or lost, Child Shield, U.S.A.™ would print ONE-THOUSAND MISSING CHILD POSTERS for you.(more if needed, at no extra cost) They would include your child's picture, as well as statistics such as height, weight, eye color, where last seen, clothing worn, and include the
$50,000 REWARD etc.

A missing child's trail can cool quickly, so Child Shield, U.S.A.™ would ship the posters to you via air courier service. This way relatives, friends, and neighbors could begin posting them throughout your community right away.

"I found the entire Child Shield International™ package most beneficial to secure the safety of our most precious possessions, our children."

Isabelle V., Police Missing Children Unit Coordinator

You Guessed It!
Even Your Purchase Is Safe!

- Complete 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -

- All Child Shield, USA Products and Services come with a 100%
Money-Back Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction!

The Child Shield Program sells Nationally for up to $159 per child, but your cost through this EXCLUSIVE INTERNET ONLY OFFER is just $67 for TWO FULL YEARS of Protection and Recovery Services, per child! Remember your purchase is completely SAFE and 100% RISK-FREE!

Additionally, all orders placed by July 15th will receive FREE Priority Shipping! You will receive your FULL MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE in just 4-7 days!

Protect Your Child and Your Family Today!
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P.S. In the nearly 15 years we have been in business, we have NEVER had a missing child who was not returned safely to his/her family. For your peace of mind, and FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY, please do not start thinking "this couldn't happen to my child." - That is EXACTLY what the victims of child abduction said to themselves. It does happen, and it happens alot! ORDER TODAY!

P.S.S. The Child Protection Services we offer are extremely extensive. Go back through this page and read the endorsements, testimonials, and the credibility we have worked very hard to achieve. This is the SAME package, service, and company that was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Order Now BECAUSE - It's Alot More Expensive To Lose Your Child!
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