How to Spot a Dangerous Man
BEFORE You Get Involved

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Women: Have you been physically or emotionally abused in a relationships by your partner? Cheated on? Dated or married stalkers and predators? Are you attracted to addicts, abusive or violent men or men who are mentally ill? Are you ‘over’ being in go-nowhere relationships with married men? Are you sick and tired of picking the same kinds of men over and over again?

How to Spot a Dangerous Man BEFORE You Get Involved
was written for every woman who has thought, said, or felt:

I am tired of being in abusive relationships with men
I want a healthy relationship
I feel horrible for staying with men who abuse me
Do I have the word ‘victim’ stamped on my forehead?
Why do I attract bad boys?
Why do I pick these kinds of unhealthy men?

Are you ready to learn how to spot dangerous men BEFORE you get in these frustrating, dead end relationships?

LOTS of women are and here’s what the media has been saying about THEIR take on this book:

The Metro LA said, “Attention all women! …a wonderfully important publication…Sandra Brown has put it all together in this very handy, easy reference book on self defense against those dangerous types out there. This is an important ‘how to’ book that handles a serious subject with logic and efficiency…a highly readable book, concise and comprehensive. Sandra Brown provides women with essential information on how to protect themselves against heartache and abuse.”

So many other TYPES of relationship and dating books only focus on how to attract men. Well, if you are a magnet for always attracting the WRONG MAN, the DANGEROUS MAN, the MAN WHO ALWAYS HARMS YOU, what good is it to learn to attract MORE OF THE SAME in yet another relationship? If you don’t know ‘how to spot dangerous men’ then any men are risky for you! 

This ground breaking book teaches women all the skills they need in order to begin to break the cycle of their destructive relationship patterns of selection! You cannot change what you do not see and until you understand what ‘dangerous is’ and what he looks like, you cannot stop your relationship patterns of selection.

Discover the 8 types of dangerous men
Learn each man’s signs and symptoms
Understand the kinds of women they seek for a relationship
See how YOU fit the profiles of the women they are looking for

Are you ready to FINALLY learn what is behind the psychological secrets of men who are pathological and dangerous? Have you always wondered ‘how’ these men got this way?

As a psychotherapist who counseled both female victims of violence and male perpetrators, I have learned the inside secrets on

How men become dangerous
Why men become pathologically disordered
How relationships with dangerous men end up
The Victim-Perpetrator attraction and synergy

Many therapists do not work with both female victims and male perps to learn this fascinating but dangerous elixir of attraction between them. Until How to Spot a Dangerous Man BEFORE You Get Involved this inside information was only known by specialists such as myself, criminologists, or forensic psychologists. No one had tried to write an easy-to-understand book for the lay public to understand the signs and symptoms in relationships of dangerous persons.

But NOW, one exists! It’s time women understand these proven tactics of approach by dangerous men, what his childhood and adult history is likely to be, and what the future holds relationship-wise for these kinds of dangerous liaisons.

The truth is, the more you have been with a dangerous man, the more at-risk you are for picking more dangerous men to be in a relationship with, maybe in another category type. The book explains WHY women are at more risk after being with dangerous men or being raised AROUND dangerous men!

The more times in a relationship you have been beaten down by a dangerous man, the lower your self esteem goes. Isn’t that true? But did you know the lower your self esteem goes, the MORE a dangerous man’s radar is clued in on you! You are definitely giving out various types of signals that he is picking up on. LEARN WHAT THESE SIGNALS ARE THAT DANGEROUS MEN ARE TUNED INTO…especially the EMOTIONAL PREDATOR!

Maybe it’s NOT YOU that you are concerned about! This is a book for young women just beginning to date and form relationships—a PREVENTION tool so that their early dating experiences can be free from traumatic experiences. Don’t let your daughter or niece go off to college WITHOUT this information. Or are you concerned about a sister, mother, or friend and their recent relationships? The most painful experience is to watch your children or friends make life-changing choices that can harm them and damage their future. 

“This book could keep you out of a morgue, a shelter, or a hospital but still keep you in the dating game. Well worth a read for every woman, single or not!”

Orlando Sentinel

Do you know that most women don’t understand the concept of psychopathology? Pathology implies that what is wrong with a person cannot be cured. Most women do not know the ‘types’ of disorders that cannot be cured, therefore, they are likely to keep dating and ending up in relationships with these types and waiting for them to change, step up to the plate, or be different in some meaningful way. Yet it never happens! 

Steve Kardian, a 26 year veteran Police Sergeant in NY had this to say about the book, “…an accurate and on target book about the dangerous man. I endorse the research and conclusions determined in her work.”

My research from 18 years in practice reveals that most women who start down the path of being in a relationship with these types of dangerous men will date 4-5 dangerous men before they stop! Sometimes they only stop the relationships because they are seriously injured by the man, some are killed, others are psychologically wounded and require counseling in order to heal.

A lasting impression for me as a counselor was a married woman whom I warned that her husband had very violent potential. She felt like she ‘knew him’ better than I did, after all she had been in a relationship for years with him. She was shot in the head in front of her children by him.

What type of women date 4-5 dangerous men?
What are the backgrounds of women who end up in relationships with these kinds of men?
How does a woman’s childhood experience predispose her to PICK these kinds of men

Women who end up in one dangerous relationship after another have similar features. Are you one of them? These women tend to

Believe certain myths about relationships
Use particular types of defense mechanisms in order to continue on with the dangerous man
They have similar types of childhood backgrounds
Their mothers and other females taught her predictable ways of viewing dangerous men

What has YOUR family taught you about dangerousness and relationships? How is your background working AGAINST you in keeping you in dangerous, destructive, and deadly relationships? If you don’t know HOW to spot them and HOW to detach, you may end up with a lifetime of these relationships.

Marisol Novak, a columnist with The Orlando City Beat made this dramatic statement, “It has made a DEFINITE impact on my life…It may have finally changed my bad dating choices.” 

Nothing was sadder to me as a therapist than to see a woman in her 50’s or 60’s who had spent her entire life with one dangerous man after another. Now, in the later years of her life, she hasn’t known ONE MOMENT of true safe and lasting healthy love. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

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Don’t miss your opportunity for a healthy relationship by spending your years with men who are dangerous, pathological, and unhealthy while other women are enjoying the relationship that you have always wanted!

If you are stuck in

Repeating the same choices in relationships
Dating various kinds of dangerous men
Seem to keep picking unhealthy men for a relationship
Are attracted to men with too many ‘issues’

THEN you are ready to begin to change your choices, so you can change your life! How to Spot a Dangerous Man BEFORE You Get Involved will help you develop the insights you need to start making healthier relationship choices TODAY!

“I can’t believe that I saw every single man I have ever had a relationship with in that book! I always knew I didn’t pick the best men, but I had no idea I was SO far off track! If I hadn’t read How to Spot a Dangerous Man I would still be in that same stuck cycle of picking one bad guy after another. I needed that insight and that wake up call to really change how I see men. Now I am much better at recognizing dangerous man signs and symptoms in a relationship. I am not the ‘sucker’ I use to be. THANKS!” (Kathy)

Discover the TRUTH about each woman’s internal Red Flag System! Don’t go another day without understanding

The three types of Red Flags
Red Flags and how they can help you in your next relationship
How your body is wired for your Red Flag System
How to reconnect if your Red Flag System is ‘numbed out’

NOT knowing about your Red Flag system puts women at risk for

Ignoring the signs and symptoms they are getting from their Red Flag System about the relationship
Repeating their patterns of relationship selection with one man after another
Increasing her ability to ‘numb out’ her Red Flags thus being unable to sense the Red Flags

This book and relationship information and I have been on 30 TV shows from coast to coast and even on CNN Anderson Cooper and Life & Style Show in Manhattan. I have talked about the Dangerous Man Concept about relationships on over 25 radio shows and the phone always rings off the hook because women WANT to know how to make healthier choices for relationships!
That’s why the book’s concepts have been in Women’s Health Magazine, Today’s Black Woman and The National Examiner who has millions of readers—it’s because women WANT AND NEED the information for a safer life.  

LADIES, it’s time to take back your life and change your choices! It’s not just other women who know how to pick the good guys, the faithful ones, the ones women always want for a relationship. You can learn how to spot the dangerous ones so it clears out your life to make room for the healthier relationships. You can be one of the women who begins picking the healthy men!

On a serious note, there are several types of the dangerous men that are fatal to women. Each year women are killed at the hands of these men because they ignored the relationship signs and symptoms or even worse THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE. That no longer needs to be an issue because inside of How to Spot a Dangerous Man you will discover

The 14 Signs of a Bad Dating Choice
Why these dangerous men are successful in relationships with certain types of women
Healthy and unhealthy boundaries in your relationship
Aspects of a healthy relationship

This is critical information for women who are serious about changing their relationships, their patterns of selection, and who want a future that includes a healthy relationship. Evidently, women all around the globe are having the same kinds of issues and seeking the same kinds of information because How to Spot a Dangerous Man has been written about in New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore!

Additionally, the back of the book is CHOCKED full of online relationship resources, background check companies, books to read, organizations to contact, private investigators—you name, we got it!

How to Spot a Dangerous Man is filled with tips and relationship insights on how our culture has influenced women’s selection patterns. Understand how stereotype gender roles has taught women about how women act –VS- how men act. And most importantly, gather INSIGHT about your early exposure to dangerous men in your childhood and how that has influenced your ability and even willingness to SELECT dangerous men as relationship partners! This ONE insight alone can help you change your relationship selection patterns! The book alone is worth understanding THIS ONE concept related to Early Family Conditioning!

“The worst part of it for me was how I was role-modeling to my young daughters that women should take this kind of stuff in a relationship. I mean, what are they learning by watching me? I can’t pretend this doesn’t have an influence on them. What can I ask of them when they are older in relationships if I can’t ask it of myself today? If I can’t leave or break off these kinds of relationships for me, then I MUST do it for them. They don’t deserve to get this warped message about relationships that they are getting by watching me in this vicious cycle that I have been stuck in. Thank you for the butt-kick.”

See WHY 15 major newspapers have carried the story about the Dangerous Man concept about relationships including The St. Petersburg Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, The Tampa Tribune, The Cincinnati Post, The Rocky Mountain News, and The Miami Tribune.

And even the National Book Critics Circle had this to say:

“Here’s a book that can save a woman a lot of grief! This should be mandatory reading because being able to attract a man can also mean being able to attract the wrong one. It is worth reading. Twice!”

Alan Caruba, Editor of


Invest in a worthy investment: YOURSELF!!

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Not understanding your relationship patterns of selection could cost you years with MORE dangerous men—with God-knows-what kind of dangerous outcome! To help you STOP this relationship pattern of selection, I am going to include the How to Spot a Dangerous Man Workbook: A Survival Guide for Women—NORMALLY $40.00. YOURS FREE!  

This insight-oriented workbook was designed to help women speed up the process of relationship counseling and detachment from the dangerous man. This book is like combining a year of relationship counseling: going back over your childhood looking for exposure to dangerous men, walking you through every dating relationship and looking for the signs and similar behaviors of the types of men you tend to be attracted to. Each relationship set of dangerous man symptoms is later compared to other relationship dangerous man symptoms until you REALLY SEE the kind of men you have been with.

Then I will show you how to use this information to develop your own personalized DO NOT DATE LIST of characteristics.

This has boosted my self esteem

“I felt so much better once I understood the kinds of behaviors I was attracted to. I thought each man and each relationship was really different from the other ones but after working in the workbook, I now see I DO have a pattern to my relationship selection. It isn’t random. And if it isn’t random, then I can CHANGE it once I know what it is. Now, I have my DO NOT DATE LIST and I am adhering to. I feel so much more confident about future relationships now that I have a guideline to go by. This has boosted my self esteem.”


I give this book 10 stars!

What do other PROFESSIONALS say about the book? “This book is a goldmine as the author gives you years of real hard earned psychological intervention advice. Academics tend to focus on HOW THINGS SHOULD BE rather than HOW THINGS ARE! This book tells you how things are! I have never seen a book that covers all the bases of dysfunctional selection as this book does. I give this book 10 stars!”

Thank you Meijer Goldstein, New York!

STOP getting bad relationship advice from women who are in the same boat as you! Why not get the relationship advice from a therapist who has spent 18 years with women like you and years with men like whom you date? The relationship advice that I bring to the table is not like the advice you might be hearing from your mother (who stayed with a dangerous man) or your girlfriends who have YET to break away from their dangerous relationship!

In one of my surveys I asked women the top 5 Psychiatric Disorders they should NOT date or be in a relationship with and most women could not name more than 1! That’s because they were DATING/MARRYING the other 4 types! Do YOU know what kinds of mental disorders in relationships that are most likely to

Have violent tendencies
Have chronic addiction problems
Are highly connected to assaults
Those that are most likely to kill others or themselves

If Laci Peterson or Natalee Holloway could tell us something today…I think they would tell us to learn all we could about the signs of COVERT relationship dangerousness so that we are not harmed at the hands of relationships—whether a married relationship or a casual one. What they did not know cost them their lives but TODAY you have a choice to gather the information for you, or someone else, in order to make the best informed relationship choices you can make in the dating world.

Most women believe they DO know how to ‘spot’ someone dangerous or a seriously flawed relationship because they are looking for the tattoo between the eyes of Charles Manson. They AREN’T looking for handsome and charming Scott Peterson or Ted Bundy. Let’s face it Ted Bundy wasn’t able to kill 36 women because he had no skill at attracting women to himself! LADIES, we MUST wake up! Predators are charming, handsome and often successful. They are doctors, attorneys, and bankers. They aren’t JUST psychotics like Charlie Manson. If they all came marked like Charlie, it wouldn’t be a problem!

THE WORKBOOK along with the Main BOOK, both geared to helping you improve your next relationship selection, is being offered at a reduced price of $57.00 offering you a SAVINGS of $40.00.

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The How to Spot a Dangerous Man Book & Workbook are healthy first steps in the right direction for your or someone else’s relationship future who want to understand dangerousness. BUT WHAT IF YOU ARE ALREADY MARRIED/LIVING WITH/DATING A DANGEROUS MAN?

To make this a TOTAL helpful relationship and life-saving package, I have ALSO included ‘How to Break Up With a Dangerous Man.’ Most women are at the most risk when they are trying to end a relationship or just after they have left. Women are often killed or stalked at these critical times in the relationship. This e-book is PACKED with information EVERY WOMAN MUST HAVE BEFORE they try to end the relationship.

Let me walk you through how to design your relationship exit strategy, what kinds of things you MUST do, and very importantly, what you must NOT do…ever, ever, ever!

BENEFIT from other women’s relationship mistakes by learning the TOP MISTAKES made by women during this crucial time.

I am including FREE the How To Break Up With a Dangerous Man e-book because I think it is so CRITICAL to a woman’s physical and relationship safety that I want to take the step of investing in YOUR future by giving you this e-book FREE! 

No other relationship resource book, or any kind of resource book for that matter, is as comprehensive as the relationship series of How to Spot a Dangerous Man Survival Pack and that’s because I have used my experience as a therapist, author, and psychopathologist to teach you EVERYTHING I know about what makes a man dangerous in a relationship and why he cannot ever be made well.  

THE most important thing I hope women learn from this book is the concept of pathology as a permanent disorder because so many women keep WAITING for him to be different in the relationship. But he won’t be because he can’t. The easy-to-understand chapters on pathology alone are worth the price of the book! Women who really ‘get it’ about this ONE relationship concept are 75% QUICKER to leave the relationship than women who do not know this concept! Do you WANT OUT? Then learn this!

A bail bonds man wrote, “I see these guys day in and day out. This book is unbelievably accurate and if women will really learn and follow it, they can get away from these types of men and relationships. Not all men’s dangerousness is so obvious which is why I liked that her book went over the types of men that come in under a woman’s radar! Women are always looking for the overt signs when a lot of this is not so overt which is why women get duped. When you get your eye retrained, it’s easier to see it in the next relationship. Sandra was also on my radio show and the phones rang off the hook. Something about this book has really hit home with women.”      

I carefully researched and wrote the relationship products to give you EVERYTHING I know about dangerous men. I took 18 years of research with women just like you and with men just like the guy you are with to PACK IT into this book. I know you will not only understand it, but have the ‘AHA’ moment that it takes to really motivate women to make the move OUT of this relationship.

All the details you need to know about dangerous relationships are in the products! In the main ebook you will learn

How to spot the 8 types of dangerous men
The men’s signs and symptoms within the dangerous relationship
The types of women they seek for a relationship
Why dangerous men are successful
Signs of a bad dating choice

AND TAKE THE QUIZ!! “Are You In Danger of Dating MORE Dangerous Men?” Find out just how ‘at-risk’ in your next relationship you really are!! The proof is in the quiz!    

In the e-Workbook find out

The similarities of all the dangerous men you have ever dated
How your childhood relationships have influenced your choices
How to develop your own DO NOT DATE LIST for future relationships
Why utilizing a support network is important
And take MORE QUIZZES: The Mythical Assumption Quiz, The Loophole Quiz… AND MORE

And in the e-Break Up book:

All the LIFE SAVING pertinent relationship information about how to set up your exit
How to gather the necessary legal and advocacy support you will need
What NOT to do
What you MUST do

These products are designed for women who are NOW ready or are becoming ready to detach from their dangerous man and to change their future relationship choices!

I have combined these 3 products to help you gather insight, look at your past relationships, and prepare for your exit.

This Survival 3-pack is at an affordable price at only $57.00 which includes the Main Book, the Workbook, and the Break Up book!

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For less than an hour session with a professional relationship psychotherapist, you can have what you need in order to develop insight, understand your relationship patterns of selection and how to detach and break up with a dangerous man! Stay out of the morgue, the shelter or the therapist’s office!

There are no more reasons WHY NOT TO—it’s all been laid out in an easy to understand format with all the latest dangerous relationship information about dangerousness that can help you make the best choice for your future and the future of those you care about.


“Don’t let you or your daughters go on another date without Sandra Brown’s essential microscopic dissection of the ways to detect the dangerous man. Not only does she explain the myriad types of dangerous men that every woman will encounter, but gives us a therapist’s insight into what ticks in every woman’s psyche that can make her vulnerable. Sandra rips the mask off of these predators and exposes their tactics and shows us were our own vulnerabilities lie!”

D. Boughton, Canada, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Website

“Thank you for saving my life! I know if I had continued down the road of selecting one predator after another, I would be DEAD now. I truly know that in my heart. I finally GOT IT!”


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