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would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us a chance to introduce to you what we feel is long over due to those who have been waiting for the "Right Opportunity at the Right Time." Welcome to Financial Gifts Galore.

Financial Gifts Galore (FGG) offers families the “Gift of Financial Hope.” FGG Reps benefit by either helping others gain access to the American Dream of “New Home” ownership or by sharing with others the FGG program, an affordable “People Helping People ” financial gain opportunity. .


Do you have a dream of owning your home? If you already have your dream home, would you help others acquire their own home and receive a generous reward for doing so?

What if there was a company that can easily provide you your dream home and a lucrative and prestigious income opportunity?

We are very proud to announce that FGG is “That Company.” FGG will provide the tools and a proven technique that will help you and other families acquire the home of their dreams.

FGG will reward you financially for referring others that become approved homeowners through this program. FGG is a marketing arm aligned side by side with a 50-year-old established New Home Access Company. This company has a proven record with over 40,000 satisfied home-owners.

If you are a leader and willing to reach out to others in fulfilling their dreams, we invite you to evaluate this extraordinary opportunity.

A Personal Note from the Founder of FGG:
Alex Jakubowski

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Utilize our Toll Free Information Hotline that does all the selling for You: 888-485-4791 Give this number to your prospect and they'll get back to you before you have a chance to get back with them! Each call is FREE to You and Your Prospect!

PLEASE NOTE: The following Schedule is in Central Standard Time:

NEW PROSPECT CALL - Hosted by Alex Jakubowski on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM - TEL #: (641) 594-7500, PIN - 736913#

FGG NEW HOME PROGRAM Q & A - Hosted by Shara Miller, New Home Consultant on Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM - TEL #: (641) 594-7500, PIN - 736913#

FGG NEW HOME PROGRAM TRAINING CALL - Hosted by Mark and Shara Miller every Saturday at 10:30 AM - TEL #: (641) 594-7500, PIN - 736913#

FGG MARKETING - Hosted by Pat Patterson every Saturday at 1:00 PM - TEL #: (641) 594-7500, PIN - 736913#

In addition to our exciting New Home Program, we offer many Products & Services at discounted prices to our FGG Reps. We call this our Country Store/Benefits Plus.

We invite you to come and join us on our Daily Conference Calls to enhance your understanding of the FGG program. The more informed you become, the more you will love the FGG program...the program that gives the GIFT OF HOPE.

If you don’t believe ... if you don’t reach ... you will not make it happen.



Alex Jakubowski